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Wyse applied its experience in handling complex and unique real estate investment challenges to assist a Northwest university endowment by developing policies and procedures that allowed it to streamline processes for evaluating and acquiring proposed gifts of real estate and to manage their real estate portfolio.


The university wished to establish formal procedures and policies for evaluating and handling real estate on a streamlined basis. It was of the utmost importance that the procedures and policies be both respectful and beneficial to the donor while being in complete alignment with the university’s existing endowment and risk management policies. Wyse was selected for our experience in handling complex and unique real estate investment challenges. As part of the assignment, Wyse was tasked with evaluating a portfolio of previously gifted real estate assets and advising as to the suitability of the properties to remain in the university’s endowment.
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Wyse developed thorough real estate gift acceptance policies and procedures that allowed the university’s development office to evaluate the potential real estate gifts with clear due diligence and oversight guidelines. Real estate asset management policies were also developed to ensure that an asset management plan would be in place at the time of gift acceptance by the endowment.


The policies and procedures developed by Wyse, in accordance with the university’s unique requirements, have greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s ability to evaluate, procure and manage real estate. Wyse has since been retained by the university as its real estate asset management consultant, tasked with developing specific asset management plans for new real estate gifts.

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